Sunday, July 21, 2013

Coffee Date?

Saturday, a simple coffee date with my mother turned into a shopping trip. I'm an online shopper, so for me to shop and not complain is a big deal. We were just having so much fun! 

  • Coral cardigan
  • Leopard cardigan
  • Brown/tan tank top
  • Brown cover up
  • OWL
  • Arrow necklace
Excited to wear them all, and admire yet another owl figure. If you would like to see some professional work outfits video, please let me know


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Floral On Floral OOTD

I would like to start out by saying this Friday was such a good night out. It was just me and the boyfriend out in town, which hasn't happened in awhile. We got to celebrate a friends birthday and see another friend that moved away and was back for a bit. Fun/light/happy night. 

  • Top: 2020ave -  Ambiance Apparel
  • Shorts: Charlotte Russe - Dollhouse
  • Wedges: Steve Madden

Have a good Sunday, if you need me I'll be by the pool. xojackijo

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Storenvy: Fashion Rags

I was so happy to check the mail yesterday and see that my Storenvy purchases had come in. Here are 2 of the ring I bought for myself. I bought a few other things for someone special, but shhhh. ;) I bought them from Fashion Rags.

It was so hard not wanting to buy 4567484 things! So many cute stuff.