Sunday, September 22, 2013

pink & GLITTER nails

I just wanted to show you guys how I've done my nails over the past week! Also, it's easy to find the time when your boyfriend buys a new video game. 


These were so easy to do, so it's another must have. Step one, apply Sally Hanson Hard as Nails

Step two, apply OPI: Love Letter (Do one finger at a time, because you are going to apply the glitter as soon as you put on this polish)

Step three, after you do your first finger just sprinkle the glitter on the tip of the nails. Some will jump around the base of your nails, but it builds character :P. After you're done sprinkling you can with your finger dab on the glitter so it's flat on your nails.
I picked up this glitter at Walmart for a project last year.

This is the color that I used.

Always finish up your nails with a top coat. 

On to the the nails I had last week

 First, I applied a soft pink color that I got in one of my Ipsy bags. Zoya: Gie Gie

2nd, I applied on the tips my favorite nail polish brand Maybelline Color Show. This color is Porcelain Party 380.

Then, just with a small nail brush GLITTER!