Thursday, January 31, 2013


I love Sudoku, and popcorn. That is all!

cross nails

I did my nails, again, the other day! They didn't have anything on them and I couldn't stand it. I finished up some black that I had. So I get to buy some new :D that makes me happy. 

I washed dishes shortly after and ruined them. Geez...


I have been eating great lately. To keep me on track I decided to make a smoothie yesterday for lunch. I was stuck at home having a snow day (IOWA) It was actually really good. The more I drank it the more I liked it. It also filled me up!

1/2 c nonfat greek yogurt
1/2 c unsweetened almond milk
2 tbsp PB2 (powered peanut butter)
2/3 c blueberries 
1 frozen banana

The only thing I would change is less greek yogurt, I really don't like greek yogurt.

no meat burrito, what?

Tuesday I made a no meat burrito, that was surprisingly good.

1 c. wheat rice
1 zucchini 
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 can of black beans
1/2 tsp Cummin
1 tsp cayenne pepper
healthy wrap

Monday, January 28, 2013


Yesterday, was officially Fatday. It was filled with chips and dips, blueberry muffins, and Sunny D.

(Note, you can see my Hello Kitty Chia Pet) 

blue dress

This weekend I attended a celebration of my friend Jessica, It was her modeling debut. She fine! I wish I had a better picture, but I was in such a hurry to get out of the apartment. My dress & earrings are from Modcloth. Clutch & heels from Gordman's


This weekend I gave in and bought more nail polish... but it was such a pretty red I had to have it. This is quickly becoming my favorite nail polish brand. 

let's talk eggstick

Can I just talk about how much I love chapstick and how much I go through it. My friends grandma(who I call grandma) gave me some chapstick for Christmas. That chapstick is almost gone... my lips literally crave it. Therefore, I had to buy some new, insert eggstick. I will never buy anything but this again. OMG!

shop talk

My moms has a beauty shop in the basement of their home and it is the best place to be. I loved growing up with my mom always home. I didn't appreciate it then, but I love it now. The shop is always busy, and you can always be sure to get some juicy gossip ;) Also, the smell of a perm is like home to me.

Monday, January 21, 2013

$3.00 clutch

I bought a clutch to match my dress. I bought it at Gordman's for $3.00 on clearance. It looked really cheap on the rack, but as soon as I took off the shoulder strap. Perfecto. Sorry, picture is bad.

A Haunted House

My two girlfriends and I always try to get together once a month. We are busy adults now and makes it harder to get together. We went and saw the new movie A Haunted House, it was hilarious. I like the Wayans Brother's movies. The only thing I can't get over was how many kids were in the movie. There were probably 8-9 kids. The youngest was a little girl who was probably 2 years old. It's a Rated R, sex, drugs, cursing movie. Why on Earth would people bring your kids to the movie. There was a mother was 4 kids that were under 10 years old. They were saying how funny it was. We could not believe it. I wanted to smack that mother. Eh, anyways, good movie. After the movie we went to La Casa and out for drinks. Love my girls.

french toast breakfast

So, you know by now that I have been trying to be healthy and eat breakfast everyday. It's really easy when you get to eat french toast that looks like this...

Sara Lee 45 calorie bread. 2 organic eggs. 1/2 tsp cinnamon. strawberries. little honey. 
Mix the eggs and cinnamon together and dunk your into it. Cook on the skillet. top it with a little more cinnamon, strawberries and a little honey. Delicious! Only 5 weight watchers points. 


My package came Friday! I ordered a dress and earrings from Modcloth, and my dress fits perfect. I love it, love it. My earrings are ok, they looks bigger and cuter on the site. They will still look good with my dress. I will post pictures of it after the weekend.

Friday, January 18, 2013

dark chocolate hot chocolate

Last night before bed I went to make some hot chocolate. Well in the big package I got for Christmas there was some dark chocolate packs in there. Holy cow, it was amazing. Plus it's DARK chocolate, so it's healthier right? ;)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

this thing called breakfast

It may be normal for you, but to me, breakfast is alien to me. I NEVER used to eat breakfast, not even on the weekends when I have time. I am officially a breakfast eater. I have been eating oatmeal and a banana every morning at work. YUM! This weekend I'm hoping to make something REAL good. The oatmeal is Oat's Revolution brand: apples and cinnamon. Any suggestions on a quick healthy breakfast?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

shrimp wrap and veggies

I have been eating fantastic this week. Oh wait, it's only Tuesday?? I have started Weight Watchers again, keeping track of my points. I have vowed to eat breakfast every morning. Breakfast contains of Oats Revolution oatmeal and a banana. For lunch it has been either a turkey sandwich, or in today's case a turkey salad. Last night for dinner I have THIS

The wraps are from Hy Vee, I can't think of the brand right now(I'll check at home). It's in the organic area. Delicious and better for you than other wraps. I only eat half at a time because they are so big. Shrimp is just frozen from Hy Vee (ps. why is shrimp so expensive) I steamed the shrimp in my microcooker for about 4 minutes. I poured some hot sauce on the shrimp and added sour cream. I kinda got a little carried away with the sour cream, but it is delish. The veggie mix I made myself by cutting up carrots and using canned veggies, I like this better than frozen. I finished off the night with a bowl of popcorn I made with a Christmas gift from my boyfriend 

Keep it up the healthy work!

beauty day

Bringing you up to speed here. Sunday is always my beauty day. It just makes me feel good to "clean myself up"

On "Sunday Beauty Day" I always start with my Freeman Clay Mask, which can be bought at Walgreen's  Then I use my Aria Clarisonic brush with my Yes To Carrots exfoliating cleanser. (on a normal day I use my Cetaphil face wash) After I wash I use Neutrogena treatment pads, which I only use once a week because it is so strong. Then, I use the pink bottle which contains Witch Hazel that I use for a toner. I buy it in a big bottle that I get from Amazon. My favorite part is next my St. Ives collagen elastin facial moisturizer. THIS LOTION. I will never by another face lotion again. Finally, at night I have been putting on Nivea sunkissed radiant skin. Trying to get my tan on. 

saturday shopping outfit

My cute, comfy outfit I wore last Saturday while doing some shopping.

My red shoes are from WALMART, believe it or not. Urban Outfitters plaid shirt. Victoria's Secret razor back tank. Leggings from Target? Bag is from Aldo, which was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend's sister. LOVE IT.

Gordman's haul

I am so happy with my Gordman purchases I made this weekend. I forget how much good stuff they have there. I needed silver heels to go with my blue dress. The skinny jeans were $16.00, how can you pass that up?

Monday, January 14, 2013

new decor

Good Monday. 

This weekend was pretty low key, but I did get somethings accomplished. Saturday I made my way to Hobby Lobby and Gordmans. I FINALLY finished was decorating the big bathroom. The final touch I needed to sand or my makeup brushes. Thanks HL. In the first frame I got everything at HL. The toothbrush holder is from Walmart, and the "bowls" are from Goodwill. As well as the tall green tin and makeup brush holder. The picture is from a craft show. And finally, soap pump is from Target.

I have now started to really decorate the living room. Just to be clear we have lived in our apartment for a year... I'm slow. This was added to the side wall of the living room.

Friday, January 11, 2013

good morning

Good morning all. Sorry I have been missing in action lately. Not much been going on in my world but couch sitting. I will get to some things this weekend. Stay tuned.

While you wait, tell me what you think about my newest purchases!