Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend

Hope everyone is having a good short week. I had the best Memorial Weekend! 1/3 of my family from Oregon came to visit. The weekend was full of outdoor stuff and KIDS! We got to enjoy the pool, hit the horse races, and enjoy plenty of beverages.

I did get a chance to get some things done around the apartment.
Like potting my flowers.

I needed a watering can, so I poked some holes in the milk carton and called it good

+ I spoiled myself with DQ and getting my nails done!

I miss them so much already. We cried like always when we had to say goodbye to each other. My boyfriend and I talked it over and we decided a trip to Oregon is a must this year. 

Monday, May 21, 2012


Let me just start by me venting about how exhausted I am. I had a very productive/fun weekend, but I did not get enough sleep in the process. Friday was too much fun. I went out for margaritas with a couple girlfriends. We started at 5pm. DO NOT DO THIS! I love these girls, even though one of them is running away from us to another state. WAH!

We also saw fireworks from the minor league baseball field that is close by. I have a love/hate relationship with fireworks. They are pretty to look at, but I don't like the loud booms. I believe Kasey said "you squirmed like a little girl" 

Yes, I did wear this downtown Des Moines and yes I am posing that a real cowgirl. Success!

Saturday was party day again, sadly I did not participate. 

After the graduation party I had to make a run to Hobby Lobby and Walmart. I almost fell asleep in the jewelry section. I did get everything I needed, this usually doesn't happen.

This is what my Saturday night looked like.
 Full of making things and cake in a cup 

Sunday was another fabulous/tired day. I got to hang out with my nephews all day. They were very good boys, but they can wear me out quickly. 

I did get started on my tote designs and finished some necklaces Sunday night.

I'm even more tired writing all this. I'm going to go home and going straight to bed. I'll leave you with this. BONUS! My mother sent me this picture, the fern I got her looks pretty next to her flowers.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

necklace making

Yesterday, I "dressed up" for work. When I say I dressed up I mean I didn't wear mesh shorts. Our work as no dress code (I have the best boss in the world), so most of the time I'm a bum. I sported my Hello Kitty razorback, kiwi earrings, and green shorts. I don't even know when I bought my shorts, but they still had the tag on them and are now too big for me. Thank goodness they are a tie belt. 

My reason for said "dress up" was my boyfriend and I were going to go see The Avengers again, but he hasn't been feeling the best and wanted to stay home. Which turned out ok, because I didn't have an excuse not to make my necklace I have been putting off. So, I got my butt to work. It turned out a lot better than I expected. I made it with oven baked clay. I am hoping to make some more and sell some in my hometowns little Farmers Market or maybe an Etsy account? Would you buy one?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

things I want/need

Lately it feels like topic of conversation is always money. I have decided I need to win the lottery. I know that would make my life easier. I compiled a list of things I want/need right now, this list would go away quick if I would just get lucky.

Fell in love with the Kia Soul. Plus, this color is called 'Alien'

The Instax Mini 25

Ray Ban Clubmasters

Everything from elf


I want to buy land so bad! I want to have a house and a yard. My dad is in construction and he has built houses for my brothers and now I want one. I'm impatient sometimes and I want this to happen NOW! 

I don't have a picture for this one, but I have been having a tattoo itch. I get one every 2 years and I'm due. I know what I want, I just don't know where to put it... hmm

Some of these are more important than the others and I realize that. I just have to win that lottery, and I WILL!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hello, I would like to first say that I hope you weren't expecting DIY things! Oops. (slacker) I have however had a very exciting week(end) First, I was very excited to see a balloon out early last week. The town I live in is very big on balloons, they are a big to do every year. When I was a kid they used to take off in our yard and so it has a corner place in my heart. 

Later last week my co-worker made us all ankle bracelets. Which was perfect because I was in the market for some more. On my right ankle I have had the same ankle bracelet on 2+ years. It does not come off. So, I'm happy to have another one. 

In the same week I had a work visitor, my nephew. He is my little buddy <3

Last Friday I got to see the newest addition to the family. My youngest nephew Dalton. His big sister loves him, until the toy stealing happens.

My best gal and I finally got to make it golfing for the first time this year with our friend Michael. We have a plan to go every other weekend! Hope we can stick with it.

Mother's Day was a blast. Every holiday my family gets together, plus some! We are a close knit family. Our grandmommy and great uncles came to hang out as well. The kids blew bubbles, watched Oliver and Company, and played Buzz & Woody. It was the most adorable thing to watch. When I watched the movie with them some of the songs came back to me. When I started singing my niece said "don't sing that song"... I apologized and stopped.

Yesterday, I finally cooked. I had been slacking for awhile because we have been so busy. My dad gave us some wild turkey that had been marinating in italian dressing. So I covered them in breadcrumbs and fried them up! I also made cheese fries. 

 This is what you need to make them. If it takes you more than 30 seconds to figure out how to cut potatoes into fries, you are not alone. 
  • Potatoes, green onion, jalapenos, salt and pepper, oil, cumin, garlic, chili powder, paprika, onion powder, cheese, and bacon. 
  • After you cut the fries throw them into a bowl. 
  • Mix in a tsp of all the seasonings and oil
  • Place on cookie sheet with sprayed foil and bake 400 degrees for 25 minutes.
  • After they are to your liking. Top with (I used 3 slices of) cooked bacon
  • And as much cheese, japs, and onions as you like
They turned out delish. We ate all of it, and by we I mean ME!

Monday, May 7, 2012

my weekend of food.

let me just tell you, that I am still full from all the eating I did this weekend. BLAH! Thursday night a big group of us went to eat at Ohana Steak House for my dear friends birthday. the cooker at our table was Cy "that guy" (he's a big deal)

Friday, I skipped out on work early because my boyfriend and I HAD to see The Avengers. It was an amazing movie. It has everything, for adults, kids, CHICKS! My boyfriend is a huge Marvel comic fan so he has introduced me to all the superhero movies. If not for him I probably wouldn't have seen any of them. Phew, he is good for something ;) Anyways, great movie GO SEE IT! Now back to the food... you can't not eat popcorn at a movie.

We try to only eat out once a month. It's cheaper and keeps things fresh. After the movie we went out to eat at Olive Garden. I'm not much for a red sauce eater, so good thing for Alfredo sauce. 

Saturday was a sleep in, low key day. My very pregnant sister in law asked to go with her to get a pedicure. YES! My mother also joined us. I got sort of a brown sparkle, very fun. After that cooked dinner. Obviously, I didn't get enough pizza because I made homemade pizza. 

I tried to make my crust super healthy. made from mostly cream cheese. It didn't stay hard like a crust, so it was pretty much a bust. I will have to try something different next time. The ingredients are chicken seasoned in taco sauce, tomatoes, and lettuce. for my sauce I did mostly ranch and cilantro. If you want the full recipe just ask! It turned out AMAZING. 

Also Saturday, we got to enjoy the SUPERMOON

  • It was extremely bright and really close. It was fun to see!

Now for my final food inhalation, I made a roast! My grandmother told me how to make it and it turned out amazing as well. 

  I have just really learned to love cooking. My father is an experimental cook, which is what I have become! I can't wait to have a house someday with a HUGE kitchen (I hope)

Have a great week! And stay posted for jewelry. wish me luck

(most of these pictures were taken on instagram: missjackib)