Monday, May 7, 2012

my weekend of food.

let me just tell you, that I am still full from all the eating I did this weekend. BLAH! Thursday night a big group of us went to eat at Ohana Steak House for my dear friends birthday. the cooker at our table was Cy "that guy" (he's a big deal)

Friday, I skipped out on work early because my boyfriend and I HAD to see The Avengers. It was an amazing movie. It has everything, for adults, kids, CHICKS! My boyfriend is a huge Marvel comic fan so he has introduced me to all the superhero movies. If not for him I probably wouldn't have seen any of them. Phew, he is good for something ;) Anyways, great movie GO SEE IT! Now back to the food... you can't not eat popcorn at a movie.

We try to only eat out once a month. It's cheaper and keeps things fresh. After the movie we went out to eat at Olive Garden. I'm not much for a red sauce eater, so good thing for Alfredo sauce. 

Saturday was a sleep in, low key day. My very pregnant sister in law asked to go with her to get a pedicure. YES! My mother also joined us. I got sort of a brown sparkle, very fun. After that cooked dinner. Obviously, I didn't get enough pizza because I made homemade pizza. 

I tried to make my crust super healthy. made from mostly cream cheese. It didn't stay hard like a crust, so it was pretty much a bust. I will have to try something different next time. The ingredients are chicken seasoned in taco sauce, tomatoes, and lettuce. for my sauce I did mostly ranch and cilantro. If you want the full recipe just ask! It turned out AMAZING. 

Also Saturday, we got to enjoy the SUPERMOON

  • It was extremely bright and really close. It was fun to see!

Now for my final food inhalation, I made a roast! My grandmother told me how to make it and it turned out amazing as well. 

  I have just really learned to love cooking. My father is an experimental cook, which is what I have become! I can't wait to have a house someday with a HUGE kitchen (I hope)

Have a great week! And stay posted for jewelry. wish me luck

(most of these pictures were taken on instagram: missjackib)