Tuesday, January 15, 2013

shrimp wrap and veggies

I have been eating fantastic this week. Oh wait, it's only Tuesday?? I have started Weight Watchers again, keeping track of my points. I have vowed to eat breakfast every morning. Breakfast contains of Oats Revolution oatmeal and a banana. For lunch it has been either a turkey sandwich, or in today's case a turkey salad. Last night for dinner I have THIS

The wraps are from Hy Vee, I can't think of the brand right now(I'll check at home). It's in the organic area. Delicious and better for you than other wraps. I only eat half at a time because they are so big. Shrimp is just frozen from Hy Vee (ps. why is shrimp so expensive) I steamed the shrimp in my microcooker for about 4 minutes. I poured some hot sauce on the shrimp and added sour cream. I kinda got a little carried away with the sour cream, but it is delish. The veggie mix I made myself by cutting up carrots and using canned veggies, I like this better than frozen. I finished off the night with a bowl of popcorn I made with a Christmas gift from my boyfriend 

Keep it up the healthy work!