Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vacation in Kansas City, MO

Good Morning! Getting back into the work routine has been rough. Which means a lot of coffee. My boyfriend and I went on a 4 night vacation to Kansas City. We did it last year and are making it a yearly tradition. Even though we would like to go more often. It's 3 hours away from us, but we keep ourselves entertained. Never a dull moment in our lives.
the view from my window.

Kansas City. and this thing is pretty neat.

The buildings close to where we stay are beautiful

We shopped until we dropped
The best part about our trips are H&M and Urban Outfitters. There are some things from Charlotte Russe too!

I realized I kind of have a thing for fountains.

Being in Kansas City, we HAD to go to Power and Lights for some drinks! We met up with friends and had a great time.

Our last day in Kansas City was a little gloomy. Iowa straight ahead was nice and sunny! Good thing to come home to.

Tonight, we go to the Iowa State Fair!