Friday, April 12, 2013

Target Therapy

Happy Friday! I am so happy today is Friday, and that I am feeling much better. I have been sick the past few days :( I thought maybe Target would help, and it did. I didn't get anything too excited, just some necessities. You may know that I have a list of clothing/shoes/accessories that I need. These were just some I can check off my list.

Plain black tee

Purple flow top. High/low on the back

Black sneakers

Midsize high rise light denim shorts

I took a chance with this necklace.
 I know it's gaudy, but it does look cute with my purple top

I actually was really excited about these flats. They were the LAST ONES! 
and who doesn't love a shoe you can poke someone with.

Ps. I got my Ipsy bag yesterday. Video to come, stay tuned!