Friday, March 30, 2012

the perfect thursday

Last night my grandmother, mother, and I treated ourselves and got manicures and pedicures!
We always go to the place my mother gets her acrylics done. Top Nails inside Valley West Mall. They know her by name and always give us a kind greeting. (she is chatty, so they remember her) They always do an amazing job and don't cheat you on the massage. I usually always bring my own colors, but I didn't have the color I wanted. I would have liked a more neon look, but I had to compromise. We did a little shopping for granny, which I love doing. It's fun to dress her a little less grandma. After, we treated ourselves more with a beer and potato skins at TGIF. great day


I did bring my own polish for my finger nails

I love. love. this color! bought here

--I would also like to add that while we were getting our toes done there was a woman getting her nails done right in front of us. We are a loud family and was probably causing some eye rolls while we laughed and chatted. At one point I made eye contact with the woman and she smiled politely at me. She was mid aged I would guess. After a while I glanced at her again and I could tell she was holding back tears. Her eyes were all red and she was sniffling. Oddly, I Immediately wondered if she had lost her mother recently and seeing our 3 generation of daughters made her sad?? Or maybe the man that was doing her nails poked her?? I don't know, but it made me very thankful for those 2 crazy women sitting next to me. God is good.