Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Summer Ready

I know it's not even Spring yet, (2 weeks) but I'm already thinking Summer. I started applying my fake sun cream last night. I bought the Nivea Sun Kissed Radiant Skin two months ago, without knowing I still had a full bottle of Jergens natural glow. I'm starting with the Jergens. It says you should see a result after a few days, and full results after one week. Nivea Sun Kissed Radiant Skin says you should see full results in 5 days. I've never gotten results from tanning creams because I don't keep up with it like you are suppose to. Wish me luck! 

These lotions are very easy to apply,  just rub the lotion all over your body. I apply it from my feet to my neck. I also always wash my hands shortly after for fear of them turning orange. 

What kind of tanning cream do you use? What works best for you?