Saturday, March 9, 2013

Younkers/Walmart Haul

I am really excited about my purchases over the weekend. I crossed more things off my list and even got a little something extra! Let's start with my love for Urban Outfitters, and the hatred towards their prices. I am slowly, but surely realizing that I don't need to spend a lot to get the "look" I have been wanting this top for sometime now. It's come down to $24.00, which in UO world is pretty cheap, but in my world, it's not cheap enough. So, today while at Younkers I found this top. 

The brand is Grane and it only cost $10.00. It is a thinner material and lighter in color than the UO one, but it will do just fine! 

My momma bought me a little treat from Younkers, I also have it in pink

You may know by now, but I have a sore spot for Walmart clothes. I can't help it if I'm buying bread and I see a cute top or bag. Loud and proud ladies!! You can find very cute clothing items there, and they are inexpensive as can be. Who cares where your clothes come from right?

I wanted a "blue flow top" 

These are the perfect yellow colored jeans. I do have to get them hemmed a little though. SHORTY HERE.

I can't wait to pair these with other items in my closet this Spring! What are you ready to wear for Spring?

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