Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Good" weekend

First, I would like to start out by saying I am sitting here in my orange recliner watching our new TV and enjoying my Saturday. 

It is Saturday right? I didn't have to work Friday because the whole office was shut down for Good Friday! It feels so much like Sunday to me. Thursday night I made a list of all the things I needed from Dollar General and went. After that I've been crafting non-stop. 

"center piece" for our dinning table!
+I needed a place to put my wine glasses on display

Next, I started on my family birthday calendar. I had to finish it Friday because it was a long process. 

Finally, I made a bracelet (the pink one) and did my nails.

what I used for the dots

Friday morning I woke up and worked out with my wii fit, which I love. It really does make working out fun! Afterwards I made GLITTER FRUIT BOWL

My boyfriend and I also had date night to my favorite place. 
Outback Steak House. 

And lastly, I woke up this morning and made myself a bow for my hair

 (ps. sewing sucks...)

Have a great Easter everyone!