Sunday, April 1, 2012

pizza dip. tanks. skirt

yesterday us girls were going to do a little patio sitting, but it turned out to be a really cloudy day :| so instead I went to goodwill, did some grocery shopping, and made PIZZA DIP!
 my mother has made this dip before and it is delish.
 great for when you have people over. it was perfect because we had something to eat when we came home from the bar ;)

what to do:

you can either eat this cold or you can bake it, eat it with crackers or chips! in a bowl, mix the cream cheese,1/2 c sour cream, and a tsp of oregano. put this mixture into your pie tin. top it with pizza sauce, as much cheese, green pepper, and crushed red pepper as you like. I'm not much of an onion eater but my boyfriend loves them, so when the recipe calls for them I just use minced onion. bake it on 400 degrees for 15 minutes


I bought some shirts at Goodwill and cut them into razor backs. 
I'm ready for summer!

I also bought...

we needed wine glasses, $2.99! These earrings, which I love $.75! I needed a basket for Easter Sunday to bring my goodies for the fam. not sure how much it was!

I didn't take any pictures Satruday night, but I did get a shot of my outfit!