Saturday, February 9, 2013

Brush Cleaning

Now don't be mad at me, but I NEVER wash my brushes. This is not a good habit to have. I promise to wash my brushes weekly... ok, I will try to monthly. After experimenting with dish soap and oil I think I found a good routine for me to keep. Plus, it was easy.

  1. Brushes!!
  2. I added dish soap and a little olive oil to a plate and dabbed my brush into it
  3. I don't own any expensive brushes, so I just went to town on scrubbing. I went really gentle on my Hello Kitty brushes though, obviously. 
  4. Wash under water
  5. Make sure all the makeup is off the brush, and clean.
  6. Dry time. The brushes with the white handles are from E.L.F, the brown are EcoTools Bamboo from Walmart, my pink Hello Kitty brushes are from Sephora, my purple ones are Hello Kitty too. Oh, and my kabuki brush from Walmart

Happy Cleaning!