Saturday, February 16, 2013

Haul: lip liner, fabric, cami

I Love Saturday mornings! I get my beauty sleep, enjoy my favorites shows, and on a good day I get out and do a little shopping. (A LITTLE) - online shopper, here! I am a beauty lover on a budget, so I only allow myself a few things at a time. Here is my haul from today. They are very Spring.


  1. Who doesn't need a purple cami
  2. I saw this fabric and immediately loved it. Now what to do with it?
  3. New Find Alert: Flower by Drew Barrymore. I love her, & so when I saw this section in Walmart I had to try something. I purchased Line & Shine lip liner in Plum LP5. Cannot wait to try it! (oops, it's upside down)

I will do a review on the lip liner, as well as figure out what to do with the fabric. I got 3 feet of it, so please comment below if you have any suggestions.